Career Roles

The Goodwin Apprenticeship training staff are there to train and guide each apprentice through the four year scheme and to secure them a promising future career.

Goodwin Apprentices who show the correct attitude and desire to perform well in the workplace will have the opportunity to progress to a career within the Goodwin group of companies, regardless of the  qualifications that they arrive with.

All apprentices who make their way through the Goodwin Apprenticeship Scheme benefit from a structured training programme. Each individual is given the same encouraging start, but as their strengths and merits are exposed, a tailored route of training is developed to provide them with the most effective opportunity to grow and build the best career, to benefit both them and the company they are placed with.

The Goodwin Group of Companies

Hoben International Ltd

Mineral processing, and mixing for industrial applications

Dupré Minerals

Vermiculite processing and products

Goodwin International Ltd

Heavy engineering, precision machining & inspection for global industry

Goodwin Steel Castings

Europe’s leading steel foundry producing steel castings for nuclear, naval & petrochemical industries

Easat Radar Systems

Radar systems for coastal, air traffic and defence

Goodwin Refractory Service Ltd

Refractory powders and products for the jewellery & industrial investment casting industries

Metal Proving Services Ltd

Mechanical testing, metallurgical inspection, corrosion susceptibility

Internet Central

Internet & business communications provider