Graphic Design

NAME: Hannah 

DEPARTMENT: Graphic Design

Before starting at Goodwin I had no real engineering knowledge, but the lecturers and staff at Goodwin’s own training facility build your knowledge up from the very basics, pushing you all the time to do your best, helping out wherever they could.

The best thing about Goodwin is that once on site, whether it be on the shop floor, or in the offices, you very quickly become part of the family.


Gaining job specific skills and qualifications has led Hannah to develop specialist knowledge to allow her to fit into the graphics industry in the most effective way possible. Hannah has been a perfect addition to the department and her initial Goodwin Apprentice Training has given her sufficient understanding and proficiency to apply her graphics skills throughout the group, where she has helped to create sales literature and exhibition artwork.

The Goodwin Apprenticeship is a structured training scheme tailored to get the best out of you and make the most of your potential...