Mineral Application

NAME: Ashleigh

DEPARTMENT: Minerals Application
COMPANY: Dupré Minerals

At the Goodwin Training School you quickly gain vital knowledge and hands-on experience in the workshop and classroom. After the training centre your development continues on-site furthering your practical skills in a supportive industry environment. Due to the size of Goodwin there is a wide variety of areas to apply your engineering skills and develop your knowledge further.


Ashleigh has been a great addition to our technical development team and is proof of the thorough selection process and excellent training programme of the Goodwin Apprenticeship Scheme. She has quickly gained new knowledge and skills and uses these to make a vital contribution to the application testing of the new mineral-based products. During her time with us she has become proficient in the use of machinery including airless paint sprayers, fabric coaters, optical microscopes and production bead mills.

Apprentices get the opportunity to work with some of our many specialists using industry leading equipment...